Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Important Article about the changes....

Fliers on UTA redesign irk riders

I encourage everyone if they can, to be at tomorrow's Board meeting of UTA. I was not planning to attend since usual changes like this are rubber stamped by governing Boards, but this article clearly shows how misguided the UTA is.

I think Justin Jones from the UTA has opened up another can of worms (and you thought they could not open another on over this issue!!).

Its is clear that the Board of Directors of UTA needs to be changed. Their purpose is to run the agency and to take into consideration the needs of their customers when making changes. What Mr. Jones implies is that the UTA employees will do whatever they want.

If the UTA board had any guts, it will ask Mr. Jones for his resignation for making them sound useless. If I was a board member I would be very angry at this statements.

What is needed is a new board format that includes a representative from the riders, a representative from the drivers, and then representatives from the jurisdictions voted on by each city and county.

I have changed my schedule to be at tomorrows meeting, I hope everyone who can come will show up and start asking for heads to roll.

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