Friday, February 03, 2006

My Proposed Restructuring of UTA Routes - Route 7

Here is my continuing series on my proposal to restructure Utah Transit Authority bus service.

Note: 6 is left open for future bus expansion

Route 7:

Route 8 is renumbered route 7.

Service Frequency: Monday Through Saturday: 30-minute service; Sunday 60-minute

Route will provide alternating every 15-minute service from 7000 South and 2000 East to the Intermodal Depot in conjunction with new route 9.

Buses: 40-foot buses-All Low Floor. Route could eventually need articulated buses with performance increases and upgrades mentioned below.

This route should be part of an enhanced route service similar to the program that Portland is doing with assigning only Low Floor Buses to a route, working on maximizing scheduling, closing some stops, improving speeds, and adjust bus stops in order to make loading and unloading faster. From here on I will mention that the route should be part of the route enhancement program.

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