Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My Proposed Restructured UTA System-Route 10

Route 9 left open for future expansion.

Route 10:

Route 10 would start at the Intermodal Depot and then travel via 500 W, 200 S, 300 W, 400 S, State Street, South Temple, 1300 East, 200S, 1400 East, South Campus, 1300 East, 7800 South, State Street, and 7720 South to the Midvale Center TRAX station.

Will Replace Route 11 and a portion of route 27.

Frequency: Monday-Friday 15-minute, Saturday 30-minute, Sunday 60-minute.

Buses: 35-Foot Buses.

Route would become part of the Bus Route Enhancement Program.

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