Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Get used to the idea of a toll | Get used to the idea of a toll: "Get used to the idea of a toll
Deseret Morning News editorial
Ask people in Midwestern and Eastern states how they feel about toll roads, and chances are many of them would say they gladly would return to a free system out of convenience.
But then, of course, there is no such thing as a free system. Utahns pay for their highways. They just don't have to carry wads of loose change with them to do so. And that leads us to the subject, again, of toll roads.
SB80, a bill that soon may be on Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.'s desk, would allow Utah to enter into partnerships with private businesses to fund new, much-needed highways. In return, the private businesses could begin charging and collecting tolls for the use of those roads. Some people are saying the bill is specifically written with the thought in mind of building a toll road along the Mountain View Corridor in the western end of Salt Lake County, but state officials say they have yet to make such a decision."

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