Sunday, January 15, 2006

U. Student entries may be future TRAX stops | U. student entries may be future TRAX stops

An excellent article on how U of U students where making designs for possible TRAX stations.

One of the points the article makes is about the few small problems with the existing TRAX stations and how the new designs will be used to solve some of them.

One of the problems discussed is the poor seating at the current TRAX stations. While nicer seating will be nice, I do not see it that necessary when a train is coming by every 15-minutes or so. I think the better seating is more important in the bus bay are where people make have to wait hours for a bus with UTA's current poor bus system that is getting worst.

Another aspect talked about was to have different station designs when they build the new lines so that people would know if they are on the wrong train. While it sounds like a good idea, how many people would notice that the stations are of a different design? Heck some people won't even read a bus headsign much less notice that design of a TRAX station.

Overall, I think it is great that the UTA is giving students real design experience and maybe, they will find someone with talent to work on other UTA projects in the future.

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