Thursday, January 12, 2006

Night Ride

One of the changes that is proposed with the other cuts is eliminating of the night rides but replacing them with the regular routes.

What the UTA did not say is if the lines will still have the same amount of service but it should be comparable.

I applaud the UTA in getting away from the Night Ride service that makes service more complicated than it needs to be. Not only do you have to know your regular route but if you travel after 7pm you have to know your night ride route as well. This is especially confusing for the night ride routes such as the 107 that have little to do with the existing 7 route.

Another issue with the night rides is how some schedules work out. For example, when I lived in Sandy, I would ride the 24/124. The last 24 bus would head southbound at past Fort Union Blvd at 6:45pm then the first 124 did not come by until 8:30PM.

In addition as work schedules becoming more varied and more people working jobs where they are not off by 5:00pm it is necessary to have latter service. In today's world regular bus service should continue to at least 8 and better yet 9pm.

To give you a perfect example of the problem, if I work to 6pm the last regular inbound 11 bus which I would take goes by at 5:45PM. That means I would have to wait until 7:30PM for the 133 night ride then walk almost a mile home down a busy street with no sidewalks, no street lighting and drivers traveling over the speed limit. No thanks I will just drive.

Once again it comes down to the fact that UTA needs to make the service convenient in order to entice the choice customers. It is all part of customer service and marketing.

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