Sunday, January 22, 2006 | Transit ridership jumps | Transit ridership jumps

Here is some good news on the transit front. Transit ridership continues to go up, and Salt Lake City is making some big gains. Overall transit ridership is up 17%, but TRAX ridership was up over 45%. Of course this points out the fact that there was little or no increase in bus ridership which is handicapped by an antiquated and poorly run bus system.

Of course the Deseret News always has to have comments from one of the anti-transit zealots in the area. In this case it is Michael Packard who seems to be a person who gets a lot of print but still does not have the facts to back up his case.

So UTA seems to have the TRAX part of the equation doing well, now it only needs to put the bus part of the equation together. However that is going to involve getting the higher ups and the Board of Directed more involved and connected to the bus system.

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