Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Proposed Restructuring of UTA Routes-Route 2

OK, I first showed you my line 1 proposal, now I will show you line 2. Yes, route 1 through 3 are pretty similiar today's routes with some improvements or replacement of other lines.

From Parleys And Foothill via Parleys, 2300 East, Foothill Blvd, Wastach Blvd, Medical Drive, and North Campus to the University of Utah Hospital. Then via North Campus, Virginia, South Temple, N/O Streets, 6th Avenue, E Street, 9th Avenue, B Street, 3rd/1st, State, 200 South, 300 West, 300 North, Clark, Oakley, 600 North, 1300 West, 1000 North, 1200 West, Riverview to 1900 North.

This route replace portions of routes 2, 5, 19, and 20.

Service Spans: 20-minute peak, 30-minute off peak, 30-minute Saturday, 60-minute Sunday.

Route should use 35-foot buses but will most likely have to use 30-foot buses due to Nimbyism.

Provides alternating 15-minute off peak service from Foothill/Wasatch to Virginia/South Temple with route 1 and alternating 10 minute service from LDS Hospital to downtown in congunction with routes 1 and 3.

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Silus Grok said...

What... no maps?!

: )

You mean I have to _envision_ this?

Good heavens.

- new reader.