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Airport TRAX Line Construction Update

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Construction continues on UTA’s Airport TRAX Line. To keep business and traffic impacts to a minimum, this six-mile project has been separated into seven construction “reaches,” or segments, for management and planning purposes.

A description of what is happening in each area is listed below. Text marked in red indicates new work items. If you need further construction information, please call our toll-free 24-hour hotline at (888) 800-8854.

Reach 1

Reach Description: Reach 1 is the area that extends from Terminal One at the Salt Lake City International Airport on the side of the Airport Access Road to the surplus canal bridge just north of the Wingpointe Golf Course.

Current Construction:

Crews are working to restore 3700 West to two traffic lanes before the season changes.
Work on the Rocky Mountain Power fiber infrastructure continues. Internal airport traffic restrictions will be in place.
Crews continue work on the 24’’ sewer installation. This work is taking place within internal airport lots.
Crews are working the 18’’ storm drain near the Terminal One Welcome Center.
Work continues along 3700 West as crews form and pour pedestrian ramps and form, pour and strip ballast curb.
Crews will begin working on an 18” storm drain near the United States Post Office.
Pedestrian traffic has been switched to the east side of 3700 West.
Crews are repairing sewer sags along 3700 West.

Traffic Impacts:

Right lane restrictions along Bangerter Highway just north of the I-80 off-ramp entering the airport are in place Monday through Friday, and occasionally on Saturday.
A traffic plan has been distributed to the 3700 West businesses. This plan does not affect those traveling to the airport.

Reach 2

Reach Description: Reach 2 extends from the surplus canal bridge just north of the Wingpointe Golf Course along the Airport Access Road fence line to 2400 West.

Current Construction:

Crews are relocating the UDOT solar sign in this area.
Work continues on v ditches and cast in place walls.
Storm drain work is taking place.
Crews are forming and pouring a concrete line ditch.
Cast in place wall work is scheduled to begin again.

Upcoming Construction:

Production welding will begin at the end of October. Crews will weld 80’ strands of rail into a continuous 1200’ strand of rail at that time.
· Ductbank and OCS work begins in the coming weeks at X Bar to 2400 West.

Reach 3

Reach Description: Reach 3 extends from 2400 West along North Temple to I-215. This is the reach where TRAX will move from the side of the road to the center of North Temple.

Current Construction:

Demolition of the slope paving is scheduled to begin next week at I-215.

Reach 4

Reach Description: Reach 4 extends from I-215 to just east of Redwood Road on North Temple. TRAX will be center running and will include a station located at approximately 1950 West. Access to businesses and governmental organizations will be maintained.

Current Construction:

Traffic signal work, including conduits, pedestals and junction boxes, is taking place at 1950 West and North Temple.
Work is taking place on the joint trench crossing at three different locations, with one crossing located at Orange Street and North Temple. Various lane restrictions are in place; however, access is being maintained.
Crews are installing an 8’’ storm drain to address back of walk drainage issues.
Work is taking place on the southeast, northwest, and northeast corners of Redwood Road and North Temple as crews work on a storm drain. Traffic impacts are expected to be minimal during this phase of work.
Waterlines will be relocated for meters and hydrants and will require Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nighttime service disruptions. We will be meeting with businesses prior to this work.
Crews are removing and replacing curb, gutter, sidewalk and driveways on the north and south sides of North Temple between Redwood Road and I-215.

Upcoming Construction:

Duder Street will close on Monday, Sept. 27, as crews demo and restore the entrance off of North Temple. This portion of work will be completed in less than one week. We will meet with businesses prior to construction.
Crews are scheduled to begin sewer sag repairs at Orange Street and North Temple in mid-November. At this time, various lane restrictions will be in place; however, access to businesses will be maintained and signage will be provided. In preparation, various activities are taking place near Orange Street. As we get closer to construction we will meet with businesses in this area.

Traffic Impacts: There are right and left lane restrictions between the I-215 overpass and Redwood Road throughout the day. As work progresses, there will be additional lane restrictions for both east and west bound traffic. Access will be maintained at all times.

Reach 5

Reach Description: Reach 5 extends from just east of Redwood Road on North Temple to the Jordan River. TRAX will be center running and includes a station at 1500 West. Access to businesses and office complexes will be maintained.

Current Construction:

Crews are relocating gas lines with new casings.

Upcoming Construction:

In the coming weeks, various pieces of wet and dry utility work will filter into this area.

Traffic Impacts:

One lane of traffic is restricted.

Reach 6

Reach Description: Reach 6 extends from the Jordan River to I-15 along North Temple. TRAX will be center running and will include two stations located at approximately 1100 West and 800 West. Access to businesses and the State Fairpark will be maintained.

Current Construction:

Storm drain work is taking place in this reach.

Upcoming Construction:

City Creek work is scheduled to begin to complete structures and paving.

Traffic Impacts: After the State Fair, traffic will be limited to one lane in each direction.

Reach 7

Reach Description: Reach 7 is the area where the Airport TRAX Line will connect with the current north/south line at the Arena Station. This reach extends from I-15 to 400 West along North Temple and turns south on 400 West to South Temple. Access to offices and the Gateway will be maintained throughout the construction project.

Current Construction:

The North Temple Viaduct re-construction project began April 18 and will last for approximately 18 months.
Wet and dry utility relocations are currently taking place at 400 West to prepare for the City Creek East relocation.
Work continues on abutments, pier caps, and fascia walls and work is ahead of schedule.

Upcoming Construction:

In early October, crews will be on 400 West with the City Creek East work. Significant traffic impacts will be in place along 400 West.
Please see the viaduct construction guide below to find out how to get around during construction.

Business Profile-

North Temple Business Profile- Relax Nails Wants You To… Relax
It’s not just a name, but a promise as well. Relax Nails not only specializes in
making finger nails look great, but its employees work to provide “a great place
for people to come in and relax.”

Relax Nails manager Long Lam said the shop
opened its doors on 900 West North Temple
because “it’s a great location to serve the
community.” The family owned and operated
business employs four people who specialize in
hand-painted nail design and has been open
since Aug. 1, 2009.

They are open from 10
a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and
noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

With most of their customers coming from the
North Temple area, Lam said, “It’s a great
community.” Relax Nails recently participated in the North Temple’s Community
Advisory Committee’s efforts to spread the word that businesses are open as
usual. They invite you in for some pampering of your own.

General Information

Access during Construction

UTA is committed to maintaining 24-hour access to all of the businesses and residences along the construction corridor. We will coordinate with businesses in cases where access may be temporarily limited.

Construction Hours

Construction is permitted to take place between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Additionally, specific activities may require different working hours depending upon conditions and will be coordinated with city officials.

Construction Tours

If you are interested in learning more about the construction project, please call our toll-free 24-hour hotline at (888) 800-8854.

For More Information

Timely and helpful information is available to assist business and residential communities, as well as commuters and stakeholders.

If you have questions or comments regarding the project, please contact our toll-free 24-hour hotline at (888) 800-8854 or e-mail You can also visit UTA’s Web site at

Please note that construction information provided is subject to change.

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