Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Bus Stop Line Number Signs

Here is a couple of the new signs telling customers what route number service a bus stop:

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(Sorry the pictures don't show the symbols really well especially on the 207 sign)

It looks like UTA is using green and a little indicator that indicates a route that runs every 15-minutes which is a step in the right direction. However I rather see something like Portland does and put on a special sign below the main sign that boldly announces that the bus stop has frequent service promoting that service much better.

Notice that the sign for the 207, mentions nothing that service is a pathetic every 60-minutes off-peak. Every sign should say the frequency of the line, days of the week it runs, and especially if its peak hours only. Continue to note it runs later in the evening should also be noted.

I also want to point out the two other symbols. One is a no smoking sign and the other is a accessible sign. Now is the no smoking one supposed to tell people not to smoke around the bus stop? That would be nice but how many people do you think will actually pay attention? I hope that UTA is not trying to tell its customers that the bus is no smoking since I've never heard of transit buses that allow smoking but I am sure they existed 50 years ago.

The accessible sign is also funny. While its nice that they are letting customers know that the bus is accessible, the last time I checked since the 1980 era buses where retired a few years ago every bus but one in the entire UTA fleet is accessible, the exception being the historic bus which isn't used in regular route service.

Now, if only UTA would start getting more information out there so people will be better informed when change day comes but that's another story.

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