Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Lonely Bus Stop Shelter....

Here is the bus stop shelter at the corner of 8680 south and 300 East on the southeast corner. It is currently served by the 24 route however after August 25 will be like the 900 West shelters, unused and forlorn. I used this bus stop for almost a year and a half as I lived in apartment just a block and a half from this bus stop.

Talk about a nice apartment, just three really short blocks to Historic Sandy TRAX and a short walk to a bus. Too bad the apartment went down hill or we may still be there then again the bus will soon be gone and you will have to cross the 700 East Superspeedway to get to the bus stop soon. As I recall this is the only bus stop shelter on the entire line except for the TRAX stations. UTA is one of the worst bus companies I have rode (Spokane Transit Authority may actually be worst) when it comes to have to shelters. Then they turn around cut the service to areas with shelters leaving them unused.

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