Sunday, December 18, 2005


Kennecott's vision: 'Nonmining assets' to become well-planned communities

This article from the Deseret News talks about the development at Daybreak and the other plans that Kennecott has to develop the west bench along a proposed light rail corridor.

While the development is wonderful, and I myself would love to be able to buy a house in the Daybreak complex since I do enjoy what they are creating there, how about all the other potential along the TRAX lines that already exist.

There is a proposal to build condos and townhomes at the Sandy Civic Center station which is the first of a planned development around that station.

In addition there is proposals to greatly change Murray with the redevelopment of the area around the 4500 South TRAX station.

However many of these projects are moving slowly.

The cities and UTA need to be more aggressive in developing Transit Oriented Development along the TRAX lines. Maybe if Mayor Dolan of Sandy would stop his love affair with big boxes that ultimately cost the tax payers more in services, and start looking at what is best for the community in the long run, he would start paying attention to TRAX.

There is a gold mine waiting to be developed, the cities need to take charge and start working toward developing it, and making it happen.

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