Monday, December 26, 2005

Day After Christmas Service

Last year the UTA got a lot of flack for its service offered on some holidays or the lack thereof. This year service improved but there still issues that need to be addressed.

One perfect example is the service that was offered today on December 26. Because the 25th fell on a Sunday many companies and of course the government considered the 26th to be a holiday and took the day off. The Utah Transit Authority ran Sunday bus service today instead of weekday.

This is a perfect example of how the UTA board of directors and the higher up employees are too disconnected from the customers that they are responsible to service. While they may have had the day off many of their customers did not but had very few options in getting to work.

UTA still has a extremely limited service on Sunday which for the most part is useless making it impossible for many of their customers to get to their destinations. However UTA still provided a normal schedule for the ski routes despite not providing adequate service for their every day riders.

Most transit systems at least provide a Saturday Schedule on days are unusual holidays. That way the people that still work normal hours are able to get to their jobs. This would have meant that most bus lines would have been operating today and a greater percentage of the customers would have had service.

UTA needs to make a better effort to see what their customers needs are.

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