Saturday, June 04, 2011

Some news and links...

Portland TriMetImage by paulkimo90 via Flickr
Six weeks from today I will be moving to Portland, Oregon so the next few weeks are going to be very crazy for me. I have several posts in the pipeline and will finish as time allows. Meanwhile here is some links that I hope you find interesting and will try to get some more in depth articles out soon.

From the Denver Urbanism Blog:

Transitways can be landscaped

From the Grist Blog:

Want more cash in your pocket? Live in a neighborhood with good transportation options

From the Bike Portland Blog:

The parking/biking trade-off: Q & A with PDC Director Patrick Quinton
PBOT unveils new "Beacon Buddies" animated video

From the Metro Jacksonville Blog:

Jacksonville Terminal As The Job Maker 

An Obituary for Florida Growth Management 

Can a Streetcar cost less than a Faux Trolley?

From the Urbanphile:

This Is Why We’re Broke
The Wars Between the States by Richard C. Longworth
Where Is the Good Government We Need?
The New Provincials by Jason Tinkey

From the Transport Politic:

Paris Region Moves Ahead with 125 Miles of New Metro Lines
The Silly Argument Over BRT and Rail

Sinking Dreams of a Privately-Funded Subway in Toronto

From Stephen Rees's Blog:

From the Seattle Transit Blog:
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