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What I have ridden over the years...

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Matt over at the Track Twenty-Nine blog showed a listing of the rail systems he has ridden over the years in his posting

Making a List, Checking it Twice

and I thought it would be interesting to see how many I have ridden in comparison. While I have not traveled on as many systems as he has, I know have a challenge to try to ride more of the systems around the country.

First I will do something different from Matt and show the Amtrak trains I have ridden over the years:

Coast Starlight: Both directions twice plus multiple times on the California Section
San Joaquin's: Multiple times except Sacramento-Stockten which I have done only once in one direction
San Diegans (now Surfliners): Multiple Times
Southwest Chief: Los Angeles to Flagstaff Round Trip
San Francisco Zephyr: One way from Denver to Sacramento
California Zephyr: One Roundtrip from Salt Lake City to Denver and one way trips from Denver to Salt Lake City and Salt Lake City to Reno
Desert Wind: Two one way trips from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City and multiple trips on the segment from Los Angeles to San Bernardino.
Pioneer: One way trip from Salt Lake City to Portland
Empire Builder: Two one way trips from Portland to Spokane and both directions for Seattle to Spokane
Cascades: Multiple Trips
Sunset Limited: One way trip from Alhambra to Phoenix
Spirit of California: Several Times

As you can see all of my train riding has been on the west coast but I hope to be taking more trips in the future. I have not counted the several special trains I have been on over the years.

Now on to transit systems:

Heavy Rail:

  1. San Francisco Bay Area - BART (multiple times over the years)
  2. Washington DC - Metro(1980)
  3. New York- Subway (1980)
  4. Los Angeles - Metro Rail (several times)
  5. Miami - MetroRail (2007)
  6. Atlanta - Marta (not ridden yet)
  7. Boston - "T" (not ridden yet)
  8. Chicago - "L" (not ridden yet)
  9. Baltimore - Metro Subway (not ridden yet)
  10. Philadelphia - SEPTA (not ridden yet)
  11. Philadelphia - PATCO (not ridden yet)
  12. New York/New Jersey - PATH (not ridden yet)
Light Rail Lines

  1. San Francisco - Muni (multiple times)
  2. San Diego - Trolley (multiple times)
  3. Portland - MAX (multiple times)
  4. Los Angeles - Metro (multiple times)
  5. Sacramento - Light Rail (1999)
  6. Salt Lake City - TRAX (multiple times)
  7. Denver - The Ride (2006)
  8. Seattle - Central Line (October 2010)
  9. Pittsburgh - "T" (not ridden yet)
  10. Boston- "T" (not ridden yet)
  11. Dallas - DART (not ridden yet)
  12. Baltimore - Light Rail (not ridden yet)
  13. Philadelphia - Light Rail (not ridden yet)
  14. Camden - River Line (not ridden yet)
  15. Newark - NJ Transit (not ridden yet)
  16. San Jose - VTA (not ridden yet)
  17. Minneapolis - Light Rail (not ridden yet)
  18. Charlotte - Lynx (not ridden yet-did not exist when I lived in Charlotte)
  19. Jersey City - Hudson/Bergen Line (not ridden yet)
  20. Oceanside - Sprinter (not ridden yet)
  21. Buffalo - Metrorail (not ridden yet)
  22. Cleveland - Light Rail (not ridden yet)
  23. Houston - MetroRail (not ridden yet)
  24. Phoenix - Valley Metro (not ridden yet)
  25. St. Louis - Metrolink (not ridden yet)
  26. Norfolk - Tide (opening 2011)
Commuter Rail:

  1. San Francisco - Caltrain (multiple times)
  2. Los Angeles - Metrolink (multiple times)
  3. Miami - Tri-Rail (2007)
  4. Salt Lake City - Front Runner (multiple times)
  5. Portland - WES (2010)
  6. Washington DC - MARC (not ridden yet)
  7. Dallas - Trinity Railway Express (not ridden yet)
  8. Chicago - Metra (not ridden yet)
  9. Philadelphia - SEPTA (not ridden yet)
  10. Washington DC - VRE (not ridden yet)
  11. New Jersey - New Jersey Transit (not ridden yet)
  12. San Jose - ACE (not ridden yet)
  13. Nashville - Music City Star (not ridden yet)
  14. New York - Metro North (not ridden yet)
  15. New York - Long Island Railroad (not ridden yet)
  16. New Haven - Shore Line East (not ridden yet)
  17. Boston - MBTA (not ridden yet)
  18. San Diego - Coaster (not ridden yet)
  19. Seattle - Sounder (not ridden yet-although have traveled both routes on Amtrak)
  20. Chicago - South Shore (not ridden yet)
  21. Austin - Capital Metro (not ridden yet)
  22. Minneapolis - North Star (not ridden yet)
  23. Albuquerque - Railrunner (not ridden yet)
  24. Dallas - A Train (opening 2011)

  1. Seattle - Seattle Monorail (1999)
  2. Las Vegas - Monorail (2005)
  3. Miami - Metromover (2007)
  4. New York - JFK Airtrain (not ridden yet)
  5. Morgantown - WVU PRT (not ridden yet)
  6. Detroit - People mover (not ridden yet)
  7. Las Colinas (Dallas) - PRT (not ridden yet)
  8. Jacksonville - Skyway (not ridden yet)
  9. Newark - Airtrain (not ridden yet)

Streetcars are noted as being a heritage line, modern streetcar or original streetcar line. I have ridden all the modern lines that are currently open but have not ridden none of the heritage or original lines.
  1. San Francisco - Cable Cars (multiple times)
  2. Portland - Portland Streetcar (multiple times)
  3. Tacoma - Link (2004)
  4. Seattle - Seattle Streetcar (October 2010)
  5. Dallas - McKinney Ave Trolley heritage line (not yet ridden)
  6. San Francisco - F Line (not yet ridden formal F-line but have ridden most of the route)
  7. Charlotte - Charlotte Trolley heritage line (not yet ridden)
  8. Kenosha - Kenosha Streetcar heritage line (not yet ridden)
  9. Little Rock - River Rail Streetcar heritage line (not yet ridden)
  10. Memphis - MATA Trolley heritage line (not yet ridden)
  11. New Orleans - original streetcars (not yet ridden)
  12. Philadelphia - Girard Line original (not yet ridden)
  13. Savannah - River Street Streetcar original (not yet ridden)
  14. Tampa - TECO heritage line (not yet ridden)
Here is also a listing of the transit bus companies I have ridden over the years:
  1. Los Angeles - RTD/Metro
  2. San Francisco - San Francisco Muni
  3. Spokane - Spokane Transit Authority
  4. Salt Lake City - Utah Transit Authority
  5. Seattle - King County Metro and Sound Transit
  6. Portland - Tri-Met
As you can see I still have a long way to go to ride transit just around the United States much less around the rest of the world.
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