Monday, September 28, 2009

Post 1000...

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Welcome to post number 1000 from Transit in Utah.

This post has been a few weeks in the making, not because it's going to be anything spectacular but because I have been so busy with outside activities that posting here has taken a back seat.

However, I plan to get on the train again so to speak and do more regular postings again.

In post number 500, I talked about where this blog started and where it was going so this time I decided to focus a little more on about me without revealing too much that you don't really care to know.

First of all, despite what one misguided member of the Bus Riders Union and probably a few others, I do not, have not and probably will never work for the Utah Transit Authority.

I have been a transit and rail travel advocate for many years, too many that I want count. I started off advocating better bus service in my native land of Southern California, and helped push LA toward having a effective rail system.

I moved out of Southern California before many of those systems came on line but it is nice seeing progress despite all the political BS that occurs in that area. Of course here in Utah we have are own version but that's another story...

Advocacy toward better rail passenger service grew out of transit advocacy or was it the other way around?

While I support an effective rail passenger system, I am not a big fan of Amtrak. I believe that Amtrak is hindrance to better rail passenger service instead of being a benefit. I see many of the same troubles that infect transit systems also infects our national rail passenger system.

Being a small business owner and being involved in business for many years gives another perspective on both transit and rail transportation.

Over the years I have seem many steps forward but just as many steps backward. Hopefully we can continue being a voice of how to make our area more livable.

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