Thursday, March 19, 2009

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From the Carless Parenting Blog:

The Trolley Option?

Always Room for Improvement.

Interesting note that the focus group about UTA required that you had a car.

From the Transport Polictic Blog:

Paris Announces Biggest Rapid Transit Investment Since RER

Paris is looking at a circular transit line to improve suburb to suburb commuting.

From Streetsblog San Francisco:

DOT and HUD Team Up for TOD

DOT and HUD: Transportation and Land-Use Planning Should Prioritize TOD

Streetfilms: Tap Foot, Lights Blink, Cross Street

Stim-Funded Highways to Nowhere

AC Transit Board Votes to Raise Fares

The True Cost of Moving to Cheaper Suburban Housing

From the Daybreak Today Blog:

Daybreak Place: Apartments in Daybreak, Utah

From the Mobilizing the Region Blog:

Back to the Future: U.S. Transit Use Hit 50-Year High in 2008

From the Transit Miami Blog:

Action Alert

Taken For A Ride

From Streetsblog LA:

L.A.’s “Congestion Pricing” Gaining National Attention

Fatal Newport Beach Sports Car Crash Highlights Lawlessness of Car Culture

Wiki Wednesday: Zürich, Where Transit Gets Priority on the Street

LaHood to Bike Advocates: U.S. DOT Will Be Your “Full Partner”

From the Sprawled Out Blog:

UPDATED - Franklin's default setting: Bikes and pedestrians be damned - Go big, go wide, go fast

The Last Shopping Mall? New Jersey Awaits Xanadu - TIME

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