Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Urban Development...

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Image via WikipediaThere is a posting in the Overhead Wire, another transit related blog talking about urban housing:

Employment, Residential Booming Near Transit

It features an article out of the Tribune:

Gas prices, economic worries spur growth in urban residential permits

We are slowly seeing the development happen that has accompanied many light rail lines including such cities as Los Angeles and Portland. We are also seeing new Transit Oriented Developments being built in Sandy and Murray with more to come.

Clearly we cannot sustain the auto centric developments of the last 70 years. We need to focus more on making our cities more livable. It is clear from the success of Daybreak that people will go to neighborhoods that are pedestrian and bicycle friendly and although it only has limited transit service now, will have TRAX service very shortly along with community shuttles.

There will be even more opportunities for sustainable development once our new TRAX and Front Runner stations come online. I have already pointed out other opportunities to design new developments that is affordable to the lower end of the economic scale. .

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Nick Bastian said...

The proposed TOD's here in AZ are pretty exciting. Much higher density and better pedestrian access. Light rail opens in December and has already had a large impact on area development.