Thursday, September 27, 2007


Bus riders give UTA routes 'F'

First of all a couple of comments:

-What is the one rider along 900 East complaining about? 900 East has every 15-minute service all the way to 6200 South now plus it goes downtown.

-Once again UTA is bragging how ridership increased in Weber and Utah counties after there service was changed. Of course no mention how many actual "riders" or revenue.

-Sounds like ridership is not doing too well. I can tell from experiences on the buses that ridership is down on several routes.

-What will be interesting is what revenue is doing. I would really like to know what revenue per passenger mile is doing because that would really tell you what is happening but sadly the way the system is set up we can't get those kind of numbers.


Nicole said...

The prob with the 900 south route is that at 3900 south it turns up to 1100 east for about 6 blocks until 4500 east. There are some assisted living communities there on 900 east that now have no access to bus service.

Hope that helps.

- Nicole

JMD said...

I know they did the 1100 East section to serve St. Marks but I agree that 900 East still deserves service.

1100 East should be served by a community oriented route but that is another story.