Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dear Santa...

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The great writers over at Transit Miami did a letter to Santa asking for important items that they need down in Miami so I decided to do my own letter to Santa for transit in Utah.

Dear Santa,

You have granted us many wonderful wishes over the last few years including our wonderful TRAX system, so be patient with us as we get daring with our list this year:

-A stable source of income for transit systems here in Utah that would replace the very unstable sales tax.

-Local governments will start working toward complete streets

-Safer and complete sidewalks

-More resources for bike riders including bike sharing and bike stations.

-Recognition of the importance of regional and long distance rail service

-We will return to philosophy that home ownership is a privilege not an entitlement that was created by FDR

-That the public will come to realize how much the hand of government and government welfare helped create the success of some of today’s biggest companies including retailers such as Wal-Mart.

-Continued successful progress toward building our new light rail and commuter rail lines.

-That BRT will be seen for what it is enhanced bus service but in no way shape or form an alternative for rail service. All BRT does is eliminate the benefits of the bus but creates few if any of the benefits of rail service.

-That transit agencies will rid themselves of the bad philosophy that bus routes cannot duplicated each other.

-Transit agencies will adopt a market matrix theory when it comes to creating transit routes.

Sincerely Yours,

Transit in Utah

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