Sunday, April 15, 2007

Transit Related Article

Higher fares, fewer routes

Favorite Quote:
"UTA, however, says the redesign is not a "bus cut." Buses will run the same number of hours and miles, said Jerry Bensen, UTA chief performance officer."

So Mr. Benson does not see this as a cut? How much you are you willing to bet that Mr. Bensen does not regularly ride any of the routes that are about to be cut or rides the bus at all?

There is going to be a severe cut in service. It is ironic that according to their bus stop chart of how many people board per day, that the intersection of Fort Union Blvd and Highland Drive show good boardings but will have no service on Fort Union Blvd anymore and only capital wasting peak hour service on Highland Drive.

While trying to get more commuters on the bus is nice, lets face it, much like the ski bus service, the Fast Buses are another waste of capital resources. You have a three hundred thousand dollar bus making only a round trip or two per day or less. That means it is spending 80% or more of its time sitting and not earning any revenue.

Yes Mr. Bensen bus service is being cut and thats why people are angry.

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