Monday, April 10, 2006

My Proposed UTA Restructuring-Route 125

My proposed restructuring of Utah Transit Authority Bus Routes.

Route 125:

From the Westside Transit Center (proposed) via 5400 South, Copper City Drive, 6200 South (Bennion Blvd), 1300 West, and Winchester Street to the Fashion Place West TRAX station. Then via Winchester, Fashion Blvd, 5900 South/Vine Street, Van Winkle Expressway, 6200 South, and 3000 East to the Transit Center at Cottonwood Corporate.

Frequency: Monday-Friday 30-minute; Saturday 60-minute

Buses: Cutaway Van Buses until ridership requires regular buses.

Replaces: Portion of Route 84 on Copper City Drive, routes along Winchester otherwise new service.

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