Friday, August 26, 2005

UTA Needs to Improve Website

Today most companies depend on their websites to attract customers to their stores.

While UTA has a useful website, it needs improvements to become a truly usefull website that will drive customers to their services.

1. Better News and Updates-A perfect example of how UTA's website is not functioning presently was the recent cuts to route 12 and the other changes that took place August 21. While there was a notice sent out to the newspapers at no time did this information EVER make it to the website. This is inexcuseable. When dealing with such important information like the cutting of an entire bus route, this information including how to comment and where the meetings are need to be on the website weeks before they happen.

2. When changes are posted to the website, the maps of the changes are often not updated until the day of the changes or later. While during most change days the changes are not that dramatic, the changes that took place on August 21 where dramatic effecting many routes but the route maps where not available right away. In addition the new 805 in Utah County was not even on the website more than a week after the changes.

3. Make more products available on the website. Currently you can purchase monthly passes and day passes but the website should also have available such items systems maps and such. The more products you get out describing your services, the more likely that customer will be able to use your services.

4. The Transit Planner needs some work. I was plotting a trip to a meeting in Orem that I had to go to and I was able to plan a faster trip myself than the trip planner showed. In addition the dates where wrong on the calander, and there was times that some streets that buses travel down would not show up on the website.

While UTA currently has a ok website, it needs some work to become an important assett to getting people on transit. UTA should learn from transit agencies that are successfully using their websites to drive customers to their services.

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